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Exotic Pet Expert Tom Harford Says The U.S. Has Significantly Weakened The Endangered Species Act In 2019

In August 2019, the U.S. announced its changes to how the Endangered Species Act is applied, minimizing its power. When Western State University graduate and exotic pet expert Tom Harford first heard the news, he said: “I felt discouraged.” Tom continued, “Changes to this Act will make it harder to protect wildlife from climate change. In 2019, the […]

Thomas Harford of Columbia Says Most New Yorkers Do Not Know Which Exotic Pets are Legal to Own in NY State

Middle school teacher, Thomas Harford of Columbia, has an extensive background working with exotic pets. Tom Harford of Columbia wants to set the record straight about which exotic pets are legal to own in the state of New York. Thomas Harford of Columbia is passionate about the well-being and regular care of exotic animals. Tom Harford’s experience includes working […]