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Thomas Harford of Columbia Says Most New Yorkers Do Not Know Which Exotic Pets are Legal to Own in NY State

Middle school teacher, Thomas Harford of Columbia, has an extensive background working with exotic pets. Tom Harford of Columbia wants to set the record straight about which exotic pets are legal to own in the state of New York.

Thomas Harford of Columbia is passionate about the well-being and regular care of exotic animals. Tom Harford’s experience includes working in pet stores, breeding animals, and earning a Ph.D. in Zoology. Tom Harford of Columbia has also spent time working at a zoo, and his current role is that of a middle school science teacher.

With his knowledge, Thomas Hardford of Columbia feels inclined to educate New Yorkers about owning exotic animals in NY State. Tom Harford of Columbiasays most do not know which exotic animals they can keep as pets. The not knowing can be harmful to the animals and dangerous for the community, not to mention illegal.

Those considered “wild animals” are prohibited in most states, including NY. These animals include:

  • Bears
  • Primates
  • Big cats
  • Canids
  • Venomous and giant reptiles (crocodilians, large constrictor snakes, and large monitor lizards)

Most exotic animals are regulated by the Department of Conservation (DEC). What most New Yorkers do not know is that a lot more animals are legal in New York State, as opposed to New York City. In NYC, most animals are illegal.

Thomas Harford of Columbia stresses, “If you do not know which animals can be pets, contact your state’s agency. It is also important to reach out to your city, county, and neighborhood associations, as well.”

If serious about adopting an exotic pet, become knowledgeable about what animals are legal and safe to keep.

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